Mission: To ensure a clean and welcoming district and together with our partners, advocate for an increase in public safety and a healthy environment for businesses and the community.

Vision: A well-known and respected neighborhood that is clean, vibrant, and inviting for all while preserving the unique history and cultural heritage.


  1. Ensure public realm (sidewalks, alleys, public spaces) is clean and smells good
    1. Decrease time interval of clean up for spilled garbage, illegal dumping
    2. Increase frequency of picking up compost, garbage, and grease during summer months
    3. Increase frequency of alley cleaning
    4. Increase education of business/property owners of their responsibility
    5. Increase of business/property owners keeping area clean
    6. Increase litter can pick up
  1. Work with partners to improve the public safety of the district, specifically after dark
    1. Objectives to follow Task Force recommendations
    2. Increase capacity to support camera system
  1. Understand and support the economy of the C-ID
    1. Increase effectiveness in City response to construction coordination and other business specific issues
    2. Implement and continuously improve database of property owners, property managers, and businesses
    3. Improve consistency of communication to business and property owners
    4. Increase positive relations with property owners and managers leading to accessible and relevant retail, improved public safety, and an increase in preferred businesses
    5. Increase in technical assistance capacity between City and businesses
  1. Promote the C-ID as a unique cultural destination
    1. Develop branding style guide for the district
    2. Increase in local foot traffic
    3. Increase in tourist foot traffic
    4. Develop marketing materials and talking points to promote the offerings of the neighborhood (print and social media)
  1. Possess the systems and resources to accomplish our goals
    1. BIA expansion
    2. Board development
    3. Staff development
    4. Internal systems
    5. Fundraising
    6. Policies and procedures
    7. Tools and equipment


The Chinatown-International District BIA is one of Seattle’s nine Business Improvement Areas.  Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) have been an important part of Seattle’s vibrant neighborhoods since the 1980s.  The CIDBIA was founded by property and business owners in Chinatown and Japantown who wanted to see enhanced cleaning and promotion services for the District.  The organization is primarily funded through a self-imposed assessment on business and property owners in the Chinatown-International District.  The organization has a Board of Directors comprised of ratepayers that oversee the work and rate payer funds spent by the organization.  The CIDBIA has an Executive Director and staff that manage and administer services and programs of the organization. Seattle’s BIAs supplement state and city programs to enhance the neighborhood, but do not duplicate government services.  For more information on Seattle’s Business Improvement Areas look here.