In 2010, over 100 District businesses, property owners, cultural and community groups, as well as residents met to talk about how to solve urgent needs in Chinatown-International District. Too many stores were empty, crime was on the rise, trash was left on the streets and graffiti seemed to be everywhere. All agreed that it was time to do something.

The effort resulted in a shared vision: A vibrant place where businesses thrive, residents feel safe and visitors go for one of the best ethnic experiences in America.

The group agreed that five things must be addressed in order to achieve this vision:

Public safety
Tracking and reporting of all crime-related data, strong advocacy at City Hall for sustained public safety resources, oversight of public safety committee and training for properties and businesses

Clean streets and pedestrian environment
New enhanced street cleaning, daily litter pickup and graffiti removal, regular pressure-washing, implementation of the clear alley program with sustained alley maintenance

Marketing, events, and promotions
Enhanced communications, more effective marketing materials and community events

Business development and retail recruitment
Retention and recruitment of small businesses for the Chinatown-International District, advocacy for better parking and transportation options

Building neighborhood organizational capacity
Business improvement efforts are sustainable and coordinated with community partners


The Chinatown-ID has made big strides toward achieving the vision. Here’s how:

A safe neighborhood for all
2011 • Added lighting in dark alleys
2012 • Neighborhood-wide security cameras
2012 • Secured grant to support public safety committee and block watch
2013 • Secured City dollars for expanded District police and social services

Clean and vibrant pedestrian realm
2011 • Contracted with CleanScapes/Recology for improved cleaning
2013 • Spring Clean, Paint-Out and E-Cycle drives
2013 • Secured permits for new sidewalk cafes neighborhood parklet
2013 • Translated street signs into other languages
2013 • Cleared dumpsters from the core alleys in Chinatown
2014 • Expanded Clear Alley Program to the entire commercial district

Marketing, events, and promotion
2014 • Doubled festival attendance since 2010
2011-17 • Promoted area restaurants through the $2 Food Walks
2011-17 • Provided hands-on marketing assistance for small businesses
2012-17 • Attracted visitors with new website and marketing materials
2015 • Hired new Marketing and Events Manager to manage events and promotions

Business development and retail recruitment
2012 • Developed program to recruit more retailers
2012 • Lowered the retail vacancy rate by 5%
2012 • Led the charge to get rid of paid street parking in the evening
2013 • Secured grant funding to rebuild façades
2014 • Secured grant funding to conduct a retail study and hire a retail recruiter


As champions for a vibrant Chinatown-International District, business and property owners, residents, and nonprofit organizations have supported the Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area in it’s effort to improve the neighborhood since 1994. A lot has happened in the last 20 years, and the needs of the district have grown and changed. For the past four years community leaders have worked to develop a shared vision of the Chinatown-International District as a vibrant place where businesses can thrive, residents feel safe, and visitors come for one of the best and most authentic ethnic experiences in America.

To date, grants and sponsorship have paid for nearly 80 percent of this work. This source of money is temporary and cannot be relied on to keep funding needed services and fulfill the community’s vision. In 2017, the community is focusing on finding a way to create a more balanced and stable funding base. To sustain these efforts of protecting this cultural asset, while building a stronger community, the CIDBIA must adjust the BIA property assessment to ensure that it is fair and in line with the District’s needs. Doing so will help provide this coordinated neighborhood effort with the resources we need to achieve the community’s vision. In turn, the CIDBIA will be better able to coordinate key activities, be accountable for getting things done, and make sure all voices are considered. Things like safe and clean services will be enhanced and held to a higher standard.


1. Public Safety Services
Make the Chinatown-International District Safe and Welcoming

  • Support efforts for City and SPD resources to be delivered the District
  • Track illegal and criminal activity trends in the District and coordinate with SPD to direct hot-spot patrolling
  • Form partnerships with existing resources to enhance human services and mental health outreach
  • Integrate Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles throughout district

2. Cleaning Services & Pedestrian Environment
Expanded, comprehensive litter removal service, seven days a week (current service is four days a week)

  • Expand litter removal service to seven days a week
  • Increase sweeping, litter and graffiti removal, alley cleaning, and biohazard removal to seven days a week
  • Promote new and expanding sanitation services within the District
  • Create comprehensive public spaces strategy for infrastructure and beautification

3. Marketing & Communications Services
Promote and Market the Chinatown-International District

  • Create ongoing cooperative advertising opportunities for District businesses
  • Build relationships with media and tourist organizations for promotion and advertising of District as a whole
  • Continue to oversee three large annual events
  • Partner with organizations in marketing District events
  • Develop ongoing and regularly scheduled activities to draw people into district throughout entire year

4. Businesses Retention and Recruitment
Retain and Recruit businesses and jobs in the Chinatown-International District

  • Create a welcome packet for new businesses entering District
  • Assist District businesses to help them grow and succeed
  • Collect and update economic and demographic information to attract new businesses
  • Actively recruit new businesses that enhance the retail mix within the District

5. Business & Neighborhood Advocacy & Communication
Represent the C-ID and Provide Neighborhood Feedback

  • Represent the neighborhood on policy changes, quality of life issues, and financial support
  • Communicate important issues with neighborhood stakeholders, City staff, and Council Members
  • Business Outreach personnel for on-site and online communication

6. Oversight and Administration
Provide Program Management and Administration

  • Effectively develop and implement service programs with regular evaluation and benchmarking
  • Provide financial and contract management services
  • Continue to secure funding from other sources for neighborhood programs and projects


Budget Summary by Program Proposed BIA Budget % Budget
Public Safety $100,000 17%
Sanitation & Public Realm $220,000 38%
Marketing, Advertising, & Events $95,000 17%
Business Retention Recruitment $40,000 7%
Business & Neighborhood Advocacy & Communication $80,000 14%
Administration $40,000 7%
TOTAL $575,000 100%

 These proposed C-ID services will not replace or duplicate any obligations of the City or other local governments.  Rather, the proposed services will help to fulfill the property owners’ responsibilities of graffiti removal and litter removal from sidewalks.  By combining investments through assessments, properties realize economies of scale in cleaning and security that they couldn’t otherwise achieve.