Chinatown-ID Clean & Safe Update

Chinatown-ID Clean & Safe Update

With the arrival of spring, I would like to introduce myself and provide a brief update on our activities to address sanitation and safety in the Chinatown-ID. As a recent addition to the BIA staff as of March, I am managing policy and programs related to sanitation, safety, and public space. I am delighted to be working for this community.

Keeping our district clean and safe are the BIA’s top priorities and part of our ongoing work. Some of you have contacted us with concerns about cleanliness and safety in our district. We  appreciate your efforts to keep us informed and ask that you continue to do so.

I have detailed our efforts over the last month below. I will provide updates throughout the year, but please always feel free to contact me with any questions.

We are working with the City, service providers, and our businesses to help the district meet the requirements of the City’s Clear Alleys Program (CAP) as well as the new 2015food waste requirements that prohibit food and compostable paper in the garbage.

To help our district meet these requirements:

  • We met with the City and waste service providers to confirm appropriate levels of services in our alleys and streets. We are continuously monitoring service levels. Garbage (Waste Management garbage bags only) should be picked up daily between 2am – 8am and 2pm – 8pm. Please contact us if you notice any missed pick-ups or illegal dumping.
  • We have started outreach to district businesses to provide free resources to help manage proper garbage, compost, and recycling disposal in the alleys.
  • We have requested short-term, additional servicing in alleys and streets to manage excessive waste.
  • We had several new large, spill-proof oil collection containers installed in our alleys. These containers are free to use and available to all district restaurants.
  • We are regularly monitoring graffiti and aiming to have prompt graffiti removal.
  • In the coming days we will begin to clearly label areas for placing Waste Management garbage bags andflattened, boxed cardboard in alleys.
  • We are collaborating with the SCIDpda to plan the 17th annual Chinatown-ID Spring Clean on Saturday April 25, 8:00 am – 12:00 pm.

The new City waste regulations are an effort to reduce garbage disposal costs. Since garbage is now the most expensive service, the more businesses compost and recycle, the more money they will save on their overall waste service.

Over the next few months, we will be visiting local businesses to provide training and free resources in order to help businesses reduce costs and properly separate waste. The transition to clear alleys and proper waste management requires the support of our businesses. Please contact me if you notice missed services, illegal dumping, graffiti, or improper waste storage in the alleys.

We are working closing with various agencies across Seattle to monitor safety issues in and around the district. As of January, several outreach staff from the Metropolitan Improvement District are working in our neighborhood to assist with health and safety issues related to homelessness. Over the coming months, the BIA and SCIDpda will create a process for tracking and reporting on crime and safety. We will keep you informed.

If I have not already met you, I look forward to doing so soon.

Wren McNally 

Policy & Program Manager
Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area​ (CIDBIA)
(206) 382-1197

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