Join the hundreds businesses, property owners, residents, and community members to help preserve and strengthen the Chinatown-International District, Seattle’s original multi-ethnic, Asian community.

There are countless ways to get involved in the Chinatown-International District—there are committees, events, community clean-ups and more. Below are a list of standing volunteer committees in the Chinatown-International District.  If you are interested in getting involved, and have questions, please contact Monica Ly:

Chinatown-ID Only in Seattle Grant Steering Committee — This committee meets quarterly and works to ensure coordination and completion of activities (as outlined in the OED) that improve the economic climate of the Chinatown/International District in the following areas: public safety, cleanliness and pedestrian environment, marketing and promotion, business and retail development, and organizational capacity and sustainability.

Chinatown-ID Public Safety Steering Committee — Every month, stakeholders in the community come together to talk about any relevant public safety issues with the goal of increasing awareness both in the community, but also with agencies and the police department, so that they may be more effective in their work to address these issues.  The committee meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 3pm in the basement of the Bush Hotel (409 Maynard Avenue S.).  For more information, please contact Jamie Lee:

Marketing & Events Advisory Committee — With such a nexus of culture and activity in this neighborhood, it’s important to share information and coordinate efforts around events, marketing and promotions.  This group gets together quarterly to collaborate and share event-related information throughout the year for the Chinatown-ID.  For more information, please contact Monisha Singh:

Friends of Little Saigon — Known as the original hub of the Vietnamese American community in Seattle, Little Saigon has become a place of history, culture, and community.  The Friends of Little Saigon is a non-profit group that aims to empower this community through collaboration and innovation.  For more information, look here, or check them out on Facebook.

Chinatown-ID BIA Ratepayer Advisory Board– The CIDBIA Board is a thirteen member volunteer board that meets ten times a year to oversee the work of the organization, approve the use of ratepayer funds, and evaluate the effectiveness of the organization’s programs.  For a list of board members, look here.  For more information about the plans for enhancing the BIA in 2016, look here.  For information about meetings please email Jessa Timmer:


The Chinatown-International District is a vibrant neighborhood with a host of ways that students can get involved.  If you are interested in learning more about our internship opportunities, or interested in discussing partnerships with your organization, please contact us:


The Chinatown-ID partnership is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible and helps us to continue to revitalize the Chinatown-International District through advocacy, programming, marketing, and community action.

Thank you for your support!