There is a lot to celebrate about the Chinatown-International District. Through our major events and festivals we attract hundreds of thousands of people to the district annually. Through targeted marketing efforts, we reach visitors from cruise ships, and downtown conventions, as well as Seattlites who are looking to explore right in their backyard.

In 2015, the BIA is spearheading an effort to refresh the neighborhood marketing materials, with the help of SCIDpda, local businesses, organizations and key stakeholders.  Following valuable input from the C-ID Marketing Advisory Committee the BIA is focusing on the following strategies:

  • Maintaining the District website with visitor information that is compelling, relevant, and timely
  • Supporting the continuance of additional promotional activities to ensure year-round activity
  • Investing in media outreach and other marketing materials to create more positive buzz
  • Continuing coordinated marketing committee for the neighborhood to ensure a cohesive response to neighborhood promotional activities and marketing/communications efforts

In addition to marketing materials and promotions, the BIA looks for opportunities to generate earned media and communicate with local stakeholders.  Strategies include:

  • Leveraging business promotions, attractions and events to generate earned media about the Chinatown-ID
  • Partnering with local and ethnic media to communicate out revitalization-related issues of importance
  • Developing a new BIA website portal to share information about revitalization successes of the District
  • Enhancing C-ID Ratepayer outreach and services benchmarking:
    • Bi-weekly BIA ratepayer e-newsletter, annual report
    • Annual Chinatown-ID Kick-Off
    • Social Media

Seattle’s Chinatown-International District’s major festivals draw tens of thousands of visitors to the heart of Chinatown-ID for food, cultural entertainment and family activities. While preserving history and tradition, the Seattle Chinatown-International District’s events strive to stimulate the local economy, entertain and involve the community and visitors in a fun-filled atmosphere.

  • Streamline and consolidate neighborhood event management
  • Identify and secure greater sponsorship dollars to enhance programming
  • Continue to grow attendance for Night Market, Lunar New Year and Dragon Fest with programming such as the $3 Food Walks

The BIA events are 100% funded by outside sponsorship.  To learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click here.  For more information on how to participate in our events, please contact Monisha Singh.