Graffiti Removal

Graffiti removal and cover-up is done by Seattle Surface Cleaners on a request-basis. Please contact us at with a request for graffiti cleanup or coverup that is under 8ft high, accessible by public sidewalks, and include a photo and detailed location of the graffiti.

Seattle Surface Cleaners works within International Special Review District (ISRD) guidelines to remove graffiti off historic brick. The process can take up to 48 hours and is able to be performed during dry weather conditions.

Graffiti Removal Process

For those who are not familiar with the historical brick removal process, please see below.

  1. Apply chemical using a brush over the paint
  2. Cover the treated area with plastic (2 -3 treatments)
  3. Let sit for 24 hours
  4. Remove chemical using pressure washer (hot water in some cases)

The chemical is essentially a sticky paint removal substance that penetrates the porous brick surface over time. The idea is to use more chemical than high-water pressure to remove the paint in order to preserve the life of the brick.

graffiti removal from building
graffiti removal before
graffiti removal after
graffiti removal before
graffiti removal after

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I have a request for graffiti clean-up. Who do I contact?

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